• Underground Floor and Foundations of the house made of a massive 50

   centimeter thick iron reinforced concrete slab and basement walls are made

   from a 30 centimeter thick concrete, reinforced with iron.


• Ground and Upper Floors constructed from two-way lightened iron reinforced

   concrete slabs, sustained by 30 x 30 iron reinforced concrete columns.


• Inclined Roofs made of a 25 centimeter thick concrete slabs, reinforced with

   iron on Signature Residences.


• Flat Roofs made of a 25 centimeter thick concrete slabs, reinforced with iron

   on Contemporary Residences.


• The 35 centimeter thick External Cavity Walls made of, from outside to inside:

   firstly a 12 centimeter thick solid brick external wall rendered from inside and

   then, on top, a five centimeter Polyurethane Foam Insulation and finally with

   an inner second 10 centimeter double hollow brick wall.


• For Sound-Proof walls two layers of eight centimeter double hollow brick

   walls partitioned by a Sound Proof Insulation Material from DANOSA or



• All interior Partition walls will have a finished look of 15 centimeter and will

   be made of an 11 centimeter triple hollow brick.


• All Underground Basement (Signature Residence only) Concrete Walls will be

   supplemented, first by an insulating film and then by a second layer of brick

   wall made of an eight centimeter double hollow brick, for proper insulation

   against condensation and to be able to introduce all installation pipes to

   serve the basement rooms.


• Inclined Roofs will be first waterproofed with a reinforced asphalt sheet and

   then fully protected by a layer of concrete and, finally, heat insulated with a

   five centimeter polyurethane foam insulation. The inclined roofs will be

   finished with two layers of recuperated Arabic tiles.


• The flat roofs, on the other hand, will be first waterproofed with two layers of

   reinforced asphalt sheets and then protected by a layer of concrete and,

   finally, heat insulated with a five centimeter polyurethane foam insulation.


• The flat roofs will be finished with a porcelain tile to make them easy to

   maintain. All flat roofs will have at least two water drainage points.


• All exterior aluminum sliding doors and windows manufactured in  Germany

   built to the highest European quality specification. Windows and doors are

   double glazed finished in powder coated Aluminum.


• All big patio sliding doors will have the German Elevation System to ease

   everyday usage.


• All exterior windows and doors will be double glazed with a neutral middle

   chamber to improve energy efficiency. The interior glass pane will be a

   reinforced double-glazed and the outside glass will have a UV layer of

   protection to avoid discolorations of furniture, carpets and fabrics and reduce

   heat in the summer.


• All aluminum sun roofs will have a similar profile and glass installation as the



• All exterior wood doors, including the entrance door, will be double faced.

   They will have a three point security locking system and will be additionally

   reinforced with a metal frame.


• The exterior face will be of solid wood and will be treated with Sikkens' four

   phase open pore water based Lasur treatment in any chosen colour. The

   interior face will be either be finished in a matte three coat lacquered color or

   in a wood interior varnish to match the interior doors.


• All wood structures, will be specially manufactured by licensed Sikkens

   Treatment Carpenter companies in specially laminated pine wood, treated

   with Sikkens' patented four phase open pore water based Lasur treatment in

   any chosen colour.


• All wood structures (pergolas) will be covered with a Sikkens treated wood 2,5

   centimetre x 2,5 centimetre trellis type roof to provide shade in the summer

   and filtered light in the winter. To prevent against rain, it will be covered with

   a six millimeter plus six millimeter matte safety glass.


• All interior doors will be at least 2,40 meters high and five centimeters thick.

   All doors will be finished with a three coat matte lacquered color or wood



• The wardrobes will be floor-to-ceiling and completely built-in. The wardrobe

   doors will include either the sliding or standard open mechanism. The inside

   of the wardrobes will be lined with a textured finish and will be fully

   compartmented to be minimalist in design but practical for use.


• All bathroom sink basins will include a wood cupboard underneath with two

   big drawers to hide electric sockets and grooming accessories.



• The first element of all the floors is the floating slab that allows for the

   optional installation of the patented water pipes to provide under floor

   heating throughout the whole house except in bath, where the same floating

   slab will permit electric under floor heating via electric cabling or electric

   carbon mats.


• All of the floors inside the house will be fashioned from semi-antique honed

   finish 60 x 60 light cream marble pieces with corresponding, flush with the

   wall, modern 10 centimeter marble skirting.



     An optional 75 x 75 ceramic tile will be offered for a more

     contemporary look.

     A final option of wide plank wood will be offered.


• Exterior terraces offered with corresponding tiles to match interiors.


• Garage and service areas will be tiled with large high quality, stain resistant

   Porcelain Tiles.


• All stairs will be finished with whole pieces of the same light cream marble

   but in three centimeter thicknesses. The stairs treads and risers will look as

   though they have been fused into one piece, so that when you look at the

   stairs it looks like it was carved from one massive, 10 centimeter thick slab of




• All walls will be rendered and then finished in 2 coats of washable acrylic



• All ceilings in the house will feature false Plaster Ceilings to facilitate

   installations during construction and in the future when the new owner

   decides to include any other installations. All Plaster Ceilings will be finished

   flush against the walls with a 4 x 4 centimeter recessed molding. All ceilings

   will be painted with two coats of washable acrylic paint.


• All Bathrooms will have silent duct ventilation reinforced by mechanical

   extractors connected to movement sensors and with delayed stop



• Bathroom finishes are to be determined by the client in consultation with a

   design consultant. Options include wall tiles or an option for high quality

   contemporary ceramic tile by Porcelanosa or similar brand. Other walls in the

   bathrooms will be rendered in fine stucco finish to be painted with a

   washable acrylic paint.


• Suspended toilets and bidets by the German brands Duravit with built-in

   Geberit Cistern.


• Ceramic recessed white Duravit Wash-basins under three centimeter

   MarbleVanity Top. To cover the front of the ceramic wash-basin the vanity top

   will have a 15 centimeter marble covered edged at a 45 degree angle to offer

   the sense that it is one large slab of stone. On top, against the wall with an

   aluminum frame, the mirror is slightly separated from the wall to avoid

   condensation. Beneath, a wooden cupboard hides bathroom accessories.


• All bathrooms will have a modern acrylic bathtub. Bathroom options include

   a standalone bathtub or a bathtub recessed into a dual aspect window.


• All taps will be modern chrome fittings. Samples are on display in the El

   Madroñal Residence showroom.


• The shower floors will be made from one piece of non-slip marble and will be

   mounted flush with the bathroom floor. All enclosures, where there are no

   walls, will consist of 10 millimeter thick Security Glass with corresponding

   chrome fittings.



• Fine plaster finish on all kitchen and laundry area walls and painted with

   washable acrylic paint.


• The kitchen table top will be of granite, Silestone, Corian or a similar stain

   and heat resistant material.


• All walls between kitchen table top and upper cabinets will be finished with

   the same granite or a similar material.


• The kitchen floors and skirting will be made from the same cream 60 x 60

   centimeter marble as the rest of the house.


• False ceiling similar to the rest of the house with similar led lighting fixtures.


• Kitchens are fully fitted with quality lacquered cabinets with the following

   electrical appliances:



           ▪ 90 centimetre wide induction cooking plate.

           ▪ 90 centimetre stainless steel extractor.

           ▪ 90 centimetre wide electric oven.

           ▪ Microwave oven.

           ▪ Vapour cooker oven.

           ▪ Coffee machine.

           ▪ Wine cooler.

           ▪ Refrigerator with combination freezer (American type).

           ▪ Sink recessed into top, with draining board engraved into kitchen top.

           ▪ Granite, Silestone or Corian kitchen top, with three centimetre moulded


           ▪ Dishwasher.

           ▪ Laundry area: washing machine and dryer built in with cabinets and

               top to match rest of kitchen furniture.


• German modern style GIRA Brand mechanisms (or similar) for switches and

   sockets outlets in matte white.


• TV and telephone sockets in kitchen, lounge areas and bedrooms, satellite

   dish, and wiring for ADSL line.


• Modern stainless steel up and down wall lights for outside wall lighting.


• All throughout the houses’ false ceilings, there will be 8W warm led lamps

   which will be installed in modern recesses, flush with the false plaster ceiling.


• All lighting has been designed to minimize the exposure to the source of light.


• Alarm with infrared detectors throughout the dwelling, connected to the

   security main switchboard in the house, controlled from the master bedroom

   and the entrance hall and connected to an outside security company of the

   clients choice.


• Installation of Internal Data Network and Wi-Fi wireless connection.


• Installation in each property of connections for a satellite dish, so that the

   eventual owner can connect himself to whatever satellite system he requires.


• Installation of a Control4 home automation system for light control, under

   floor heating, air conditioning and burglar alarm, humidity detection alarm in

   wet areas and fire detection alarm in fire prone areas. This system will be able

   to undertake other tasks but they will have to be defined and additional

   services are to be paid for by the owner.


• Installation of a Sonos sound system.


• The house will have an electronic color video security system connected to

   the entrance gate with receiver monitors in the Entrance Hall and Master




• All of the rooms will be individually controlled by thermostats and cooled by

   individual silent air/water Fan Coil Units (air handling units) in suspended

   ceilings together with an Outside Heat Pump Unit by DAIKIN ALTHERMA



• All air conditioning ducts used will be the patented Climaver, that consist of

   black sound absorbent material, covered with an aluminum film material.


• Under floor heating in the bathrooms, kitchen and master bedroom using

   electric thermal carbon mat.





• All houses will be provided with a 10.000 litre water storage tank, with

   individual pressure pumps for drinking water for the household and irrigation

   water for the garden.


• All Polyethylene domestic hot and cold water supply pipes will be fully

   protected with Armaflex or similar standard insulating pipe fitting.


• All PVC sewage and rainwater pipe that runs through the house, will be fully

   sound insulated.


• The hot water for each house will generally be supplied by a 500 litre electric

   water storage heater with an additional free energy supplied by the patented




• All Air Renewal will be effected according to the Building Specification

   Standards with Air Inlets where necessary and Air Extraction through the roof

   ventilation shunts provided.



• Quality specifications are intended as a guide and may be subject to change.


Quality specifications are intended as a guide and may be subject to change.